PAC Community Guidelines

By Georgina Donahue posted 03-13-2020 10:05 AM


Every community has a culture and we are no different here. These community guidelines are your "rules of the road" for interacting in this space. The community guidelines are the standards to which you can hold your peers, and those which they will also expect from you. We stand by the things we encourage and the things we discourage in the PAC because they all stem from our shared values. 

Community Guidelines:

  • Get In The Game: The PAC is a hands-on space, and we can’t wait for you to get involved. Share your ideas, questions, pro-tips, best practices and work outputs with abandon. Seriously - if it’s on your mind and about the world of Product, we want to know about it. There is no such thing as a silly question. 

  • A Little In, A Lot Out: The Community works best when everyone puts in a little time and energy, and gets a whole lot of value back out. To that end, we encourage you to be generous offering answers, support, examples, templates, or resources with others. You never know: Your contribution might be the silver bullet that makes all the difference for a peer. 

  • Keep It Together: We know it can be tempting to cross-post a discussion topic in multiple groups (we want your thoughts to get maximum air time too!) but please keep the discussion together in one place. This is help your peers build on one another's ideas instead of recreating thoughts. 

  • Stick to the Task at Hand: There are a number of topic-specific groups in the PAC. They are set up to help you find peers, resources and ideas relevant to what you are working on. Please help keep conversation on-topic to each group space. If you feel a new group should exist, get in touch! 

  • Digital Trust Falls: High tide raises all ships. All for one, one for all. Team work makes the dream work … You get the picture; we are all in this together. We hope you trust in your fellow peers and expect you to be accountable in return. 

  • Proceed With Kindness: We invite you to lift your peers up, not bring them down. We encourage healthy debate to happen in the PAC but don’t tolerate bad behavior. Any posts that use aggressive, bullying, obscene or otherwise inappropriate language will be removed and may result in further action.

  • We Love a Humble Brag. Shameless Self-Promotion, Not So Much: Sharing how excited you are about your cool new project in the Community is awesome! Answering your peers’ question with a link to your consulting or business website, less so. We do not allow sales pitches or hard sells. 

  • Trolls are meant for Fantasy Novels, Not the PAC: Any behavior that becomes spammy, troll-y, or otherwise unpleasant will be removed (potentially with a wand). In other words, everyone knows “that person”- please don’t let it be you.

  • No Need to Name Names: Remember that the PAC is a public space. If you are describing a challenge or frustration, don’t include the identifying details or call out those involved by name. The community doesn’t need to know those details to help you work through the problem. 

  • The People Behind the Mask: We value the integrity of your contribution. This means we won’t alter, share, or otherwise manipulate your content without letting you know first.


Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Take risks!

  • Ask for Help

  • Listen to Understand

  • Connect with your peers

  • Reach out if you’ve got questions/improvements/ideas

  • Post your open role! (Just make sure you post it to our current Job Board)


  • Be a gatekeeper

  • Disrespect your peers (good life advice, really)

  • Be a stranger

As always, we stand behind our belief that this community is built for you, by you. If you want to share feedback or ideas about these guidelines, reach us at